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New KelTec

22 mag pistol. 30 round mags. If it was a 22LR, I’d totally get one.

14 Responses to “New KelTec”

  1. Fz Says:

    So Mr Kelgren is bringing back his earlier designs?

    I coulda had a Grendel P-30. Is this KelTec any better?

    I’m still OK with my P-10, bought in 1987 in a gun shop in Bettendorf, Iowa.

  2. Kirk Parker Says:

    Re .22LR, I would think a .22WMR design gets them at least halfway there. They’re already dealing with a rimmed cartridge and a fairly large difference in pressure between various loadings with their hybrid locked/blowback design. So maybe there’s hope…

    (That said I’m fairly interested in this one as it is. Unfortunately my Budget Director is not…)

  3. Fz Says:

    I also note, the man’s name is Kellgren. My apologies.

  4. Tomcatshanger Says:


    So this is an FN5.7 handgun, using cheaper ammo and more of it in a flush fit magazine?


    I’m entertained. Could be one hell of an intersting BUG

  5. Gun Blobber Says:

    Wow, this looks like a Poor Man’s Five-seveN (come to think of it, wouldn’t this platform make for a fairly easy conversion to the 5.7 cartridge? I know it’s got to be higher pressure, but it can’t be that much more, and the PMR-30 isn’t pure blowback…). I could definitely go for one. 30 rounds in a normal-sized autopistol is quite a lot! $415 MSRP means street of $350 or so if it follows Kel-Tec’s usual trend (that’s about what I paid for my Sub2000, which has an MSRP of $409).

  6. Phenicks Says:

    Looks like the old Magnum Research Mountain Eagle. The Mountain Eagle has a 15rnd single stack in 22lr. Lots of fun to shoot.

  7. Stan Says:

    It looks like a five-seven that had birth defects.

  8. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Excel Arms is doing a .22LR that takes 10/22 mags, ala the Tec-22.

  9. Chas Clifton Says:

    I have one of the Ruger Single Six revolvers with the .22 Magnum cylinder (and .22 LR).

    I like shooting it, but aside from rabbit-hunting, I am not sure what its best real-world uses are, particularly in a handgun.

    As the linked article says, it’s originally a rifle cartridge.

  10. Howie Feltersnatch Says:

    Gotta have one! Even though the trigger looks like a Nerf gun gotta have one!

  11. Jailer Says:

    I want one. Would make a great critter killer to have and grab at a moments notice.

  12. emdfl Says:

    The muzzle-blast of the P-30 was/is truely awesome. Even if you didn’t hit what you were aiming at whatever the target, it was cooked at any reasonable range, heh, heh.
    As I said elsewhere, I just wish that they would do a redo of the P-31, a .22 mag carbine with a 16-inch barrel and 30 round mags, oh yaz.

  13. emdfl Says:


  14. emdfl Says:

    The muzzle blast of the original P-30 was/is truely awesome. I just wish that Kel-Tec would do a redo of the R-31, a .22 mag carbine witha 16-inch barrel and 30 round mags, oh yaz.