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Lies and the watch list

The anti-gunners are parroting the lie that the Fort Hood shooter was on the terror watch list. And if we restricted those on the list (a list of millions that only shows name and has no appeal process) then the shooting would not have happened. Well, presuming he couldn’t get his hands on an illegal weapon. Anyway, it’s not true:

Three senior investigative officials, who insisted they not be identified by name because of the sensitive nature of the ongoing federal investigation, told reporters in Washington that Hasan was never nominated to be on a watch list. He was able to purchase weapons legally and had done nothing to justify even a preliminary investigation, they said.

He also had a security clearance:

In addition, Hasan had a security clearance at the “secret” level and received good performance reviews, they said. Nonetheless, they continued to examine his communications with the cleric in Yemen for several months as a precaution.

3 Responses to “Lies and the watch list”

  1. JKB Says:

    So the anti-gunners actually believe that we leave in the possession of someone on the terror watch list an ID that will get him on just about any US military base in the world. That he could enter any military housing area, any military hospital, and with a proper reason board any US warship at least past the quarterdeck. Do you think the gate guard at Ft Hood ran every ID through the NICS or whatever hits the terror lists. Someone remind me why we have these watch lists?

  2. Ron W Says:

    I suppose those on the “watch list” were the unarmed victims on the military base who were the defenseless targets of the perp, Hasan. They were made that way by the Clinton Administration back in ’93, kept that way by the Bush Adminstration and there will be no CHANGE by the Obama Administration.

    Only your enemy disarms you and keeps you that way.

  3. Tom Says:

    wait, WHAT?

    so all we have to do to eliminate (whatever it is we don’t like, say political opposition) is to add names to a secret unseen list and make it illegal for them and those who share the name to exercise constitutionally protected rights?

    Obama, Barack (aka Barry Sorento)
    Pelosi, Nancy
    Sharpton, Al
    Jackson, J
    Frank, Barney
    students, college
    recipients, welfare
    assholes, ignorant

    Now I have a question regarding the “alleged” status of the lunatic barbarian involved in this case. He was shot while shooting at a cop when she responded to him shooting other people. In other words, in the act.
    Reports were he was dead, lets say he wasn’t. How much are we spending (or spent so far) to keep this guy alive in order to spend how much on a trial? Under Obombacare would he receive the same care? Would a non-muslim terrorist get the same treatment?

    He’s not going to provide any useful information at this point, is he? This is as stupid as trying the Ron Jeremy/Rosie Odonnel lookalike in NYC.

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