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Rule Four

Be sure of your target and what’s behind it. Tragic.

9 Responses to “Rule Four”

  1. Canthros Says:

    When I was a Boy Scout, the troop did not go camping during deer season for pretty much this exact reason.

  2. Flighterdoc Says:

    Too bad the professor of her class didn’t suggest that if they are going to be in the woods abusing frogs, during hunting season, that they wear a $10 orange vest, available at home improvement and hardware stores everywhere?

    There’s more than one idiot, and more than one tragedy, in this story.

  3. Jake Says:

    I posted on this yesterday at my blog. Horrible tragedy caused by negligence on the part of the hunter.

    Fighterdoc – while I agree that the orange vest is a really good idea for anyone going out in the woods during hunting season, it’s irrelevant. It is every hunter’s responsibility to make POSITIVE target identification before pulling that trigger. Rule Four, always, always, always.

  4. JimA Says:

    I agree with Jake, the hunter’s responsible for this one. I’ve been hunting with too many hunters that take ‘brush’ shots – something moving in the brush and they have no idea what it is, but assume it is a deer.
    A vest would have been nice, but there is still possible this guy would have fired anyway.

  5. Paul Says:

    Based on what I read, this guy was breaking several laws to be in the position to shoot these people. Not surprising one of that ilk would shoot first and question the corpse.

  6. Wolfwood Says:

    My sister actually went to Ferrum for a year. The students were apparently in more like a small abandoned industrial park than in the woods. Blaze orange would’ve been a nice precaution, but these students weren’t going where a hunter should reasonably have been.

  7. dustydog Says:

    What? He gets $20,000 bond for killing a kid! Either the sentence will be too low, or he’ll skip bail.

  8. ATLien Says:

    Whenever this happens, i wonder why the hunter pulls the trigger. Because people don’t look anything like deer. Forget the orange vest; deer don’t wear clothing. That’s your first clue.

  9. David, Chandler, AZ Says:

    If you ‘thought you saw a deer’, then you DIDN’T SEE a deer. I have NEVER pulled the trigger unless I knew without a doubt that I was shooting at a deer.