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Self Defense

You’re walking down the street and you notice a couple of people following you. This goes on for a while. Finally, you decide to confront them by holding a knife at your side and asking them why they’re following you. Except their police doing training. So, you go to jail and are found guilty of threatening them with a deadly weapons.

9 Responses to “Self Defense”

  1. ka Says:

    That sucks and makes me wonder what justice is. However, at least in my CC class they made the law very clear. I can’t threaten someone with my weapon (gun in this case, but a knife would be the same), that is against the law. In the very memorable words of my CC instructor: “If you draw your gun, someone has to die.”

  2. nk Says:

    In Chicago, the cops would have shot him.

  3. forvrin Says:

    Ugh. Holding a weapon at ready isn’t a threat, its a response to a threat.

  4. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    With all the concern over “brandishing” on the Errornet one would think that you do not go pulling weapons out when you do not need to.

    Lesson learned: don’t threaten people.

  5. Tomcatshanger Says:

    Being followed is being threatened.

    Being out numbered by those following you is an even worse threat.

    Who wants to be that private citizens would get arrested for following a cop around?

  6. Laurel Says:

    Am I the only one reminded from the scene from V for Vendetta when the title character first appears?

  7. Laurel Says:

    Reminded OF, even.

  8. straightarrow Says:

    In that case every cop you ever talked to is guilty of threatening. Watch how many of them drop their hand to their gun butt when they speak to or approach a citizen. Can’t we put these bastards in jail?

  9. B Smith Says:

    Heh. Two cops, at midnight, without visible insignia or other identifiers, BOTH carrying handguns AND Tasers, following 20 feet behind a man with a 2″ folding knife, and that pussy-assed cop feels that HIS life was threatened??? And people have ever-lower opinions of law-enforcement officers…go figure.
    The judge should be reprimanded, and the “training officer” should be fired. Jerks.

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