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More Color

Don’t tell Junior but her birthday present is in the works:

From Gun Porn

10 Responses to “More Color”

  1. Thomas F Says:

    You have to be the coolest dad ever…..

  2. nk Says:

    This site is a breath of fresh air and that’s a fact.

    The daughter (seven years) and I bought matching pocket knives recently.

    Girls are special.

  3. Pathfinder Says:

    Just make sure she WANTS a pink rifle. Many girls have eschewed that color for a real looking rifle, just like Daddy’s.

    Unless YOU have a pink rifle . . . . .

  4. kris Says:

    I agree with Pathfinder – I’m a female and I wouldn’t want a pink gun. In fact I dislike any “girlie” looking guns.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    But you’re also not five and probably not into princesses. Thing about furniture is it can be changed.

  6. Ross Says:

    My daughter doesn’t care what color the rifle is, she just wants one of the three AR-15s I have for herself to shot. She’s not really in to pink anyway, OD Green is more her style.

  7. Donna B. Says:

    A princess with an AR15 is a princess to be dealt with carefully (as they all are!)

    I think that’s darned cool.

  8. julie Says:

    very cool … my girls aren’t interested in a pink rifle (their reasoning “it will be too easy for the animals to see when we go hunting”) … but by the sound of it, it will suit your little one perfectly!

  9. The Comedian Says:

    It needs some Hello Kitty stickers!

    “The Taliban hates Hello Kitty.” — From “The Apostle“, by Brad Thor.

  10. Ryan Says:

    I showed something like this to my wife. (Mind you she doesn’t shoot.) She says, “Pink! no no, Pink is fine for little girls, now if it was a nice emerald green or bright blue that would match my coat then sure… but not pink.” I guess that is permission to buy a pink one for my daughter. Right? 🙂

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