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Droid Deal

Still digging Droid. Now, it’s even cheaper at $150.

Also, via insty, comes the iPhone v. Droid smackdown.

I’ve never had an iPhone though I have played with a few. So, I can’t really say one is better than the other in terms of the interface. But Droid has a few key tangible things that I like better:

It can run multiple apps.
I can change the battery.
Comes w 16gb SD card.
And Verizon, unlike AT&T, doesn’t suck.

Past Droid posts here.

12 Responses to “Droid Deal”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Maybe I just have low standards or something, but my experience with AT&T has been fine. Then again, I don’t travel anyplace that’s not covered completely, so that might have something to do with it.

  2. Phelps Says:

    And Verizon, unlike AT&T, doesnít suck.


    They all suck. Besides, how are you liking the nickel and diming that Verizon is giving you? And by “nickel” I mean $15 and “dime” I mean $30.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    AT&T sucks around here. And I’ve not been nickled or dimed so not sure what you’re talking about there.

  4. Jay Says:

    Living in a rural area in Texas, I have 2 options for phone service: Sprint or Verizon. Verizon offered me a lot better deal than Sprint, so I went with Verizon. Besides, I’ve been all over Texas and the mountains of New Mexico, and have never had an issue with cell service. Heck, the last time I was in New Mexico, the only choice for reliable cell service was Verizon.

  5. PhillipC Says:

    I live in Central FL, and have an AT&T phone. My wife has a work-issued Verizon phone. My phone works in the house, hers does not. Side by side I can have four bars of signal and she’ll have one. Going into the forest or out of state seems to have the same problem. So for here, AT&T is the best choice… and they don’t have the Droid.

  6. Sigivald Says:

    Like Phelps said – every provider sucks. (The “$15” thing, not so much, since that’s just bad reporting – both AT+T and Verizon charge more for hosted Exchange accounts.)

    I don’t know that a 16 gig SD card that you can’t install apps on is a win compared to 32 gigs of unified storage, myself.

    (And removable batteries? Well, for one person in 10,000 or so that’s an important thing. For everyone else, including me, it’s one more part [the battery door] to break, and adds weight and size to the phone.

    Kinda like with laptops; lots of people complained that the MacBook/MacBook Pro was horrible because the battery was permanent… but they sell like hotcakes to that 99.99% of the market that never had two batteries for their laptop anyway.)

    Multiple non-Apple apps running at once is potentially good, though.

    (And potentially bad, which is exactly why the iPhone doesn’t let it happen – it can completely kill battery life, and then the maker or the OS gets blamed, not the app the user “forgot was running”…)

  7. Robert Says:

    Where’s it made at?

  8. Linoge Says:

    *sigh* Desperately want one. Cannot rationalize an extra $30 a month on top of what is already an $80 phone bill. Oh well. Guess I will survive :).

  9. KingsideRook Says:

    I love that big, gorgeous droid screen, but the keyboard just flat (haha) sucks. Seriously, I have an iPhone, so I know what a suboptimal keyboard is like, and I still prefer it to the droid one, because I can’t press 3 keys at the same time on the iPhone.

    The Blackberry keyboard is heaven, of course, but that’s the only good thing I can say about the Blackberry right now.


  10. Rivrdog Says:

    I have Verizon in Oregon, have traveled extensively with Verizon through WA, ID, MT, WY, CO, SD, NM, AZ, TX, CA and find no issues with connectivity.

    Verizon has good customer service.

    I hate their fees. To get this Droid, I have to have broadband, $45/mo, phone plan (currently $60, but I could get by on a $40 one), Laptop modem fee (to use my smartphone as a modem) $15, insurance, $6, adds up to more than $130/mo with taxes. For the Droid, I have to add another $15, because Verizon doubled the laptop connection fee.

    Or, I could do this: get a Verizon netbook and a “dumbphone”.

    The netbook costs $45/mo broadband, period. The dumbphone will be $40/mo, period.

    Leaves me an extra $45/mo to spend on ammo.

  11. Robb Allen Says:

    Droid vs. iPhone
    Glock vs. 1911
    My invisible man in the sky vs. your invisible man in the sky
    The right way to make a martini

    Does it ever end?

  12. aczarnowski Says:

    Of course the price dropped. I really should’ve known that would happen after watching it happen on the iPhone’s release. Ah well. If I actually see the rebate check I’ll still be ahead of the last time I bought a new phone from Verizon.

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