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Fort Hood Shooting Stuff -The Blame Game

Blame the weapon.

Blame the gun culture

Blame guns in general

Blame Clinton:

A Clinton Administration revision to Department of Defense Directive 5210.56 — Army Regulation 190-14, dated 12 March 1993 — permits the Secretary of the Army to authorize military personnel to carry firearms “on a case by case basis” for personal protection within the continental United States, but forbids military personnel to carry their own personal firearms and both requires “a credible and specific threat” before firearms be issued for military personnel to protect themselves. It further directs that firearms “not be issued indiscriminately for that purpose.”

Thus did President Bill Clinton — Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army — apply to American military personnel under his command the same anti-gun policies his administration and a Democratic-controlled Congress applied to American civilians in the Brady Bill and Assault Weapons ban of 1994.

Editorials calling to end that here and here.

Of course, no one but blogs are talking about the shooter’s terrorists connections or the fact he was being watched by various agencies for posting his jihad fantasies on the internet.

And what is with little jihadis and strip clubs?

5 Responses to “Fort Hood Shooting Stuff -The Blame Game”

  1. JJR Says:

    Here, too (editorial)

  2. Ron W Says:

    #1 Blame: the perp
    #2 Blame: the policymakers who keep our military personnel unarmed and/or not having weapons immediately available to them for their own self-defense.
    #3Blame: Army leadership who kept this jihadist in the ranks

  3. KnoxLaw Says:

    Re the strip clubs:

    If you go out as a martyr, every sin you have committed is forgiven. Therefore, why not live it up once you’ve decided to kill yourself.

    In Islam, salvation is a matter of your good deeds outweighing the bad. Some Muslims reduce things to a callous game of points (so many for keeping the pillars, minus so many for these sins…if I can just convert someone, I’ll balance out and make up for these sins). The jihadis figure they’ve found an unlimited source of good points.

  4. Ron W Says:

    And one wonders why the supposedly conservative Bush Administration didn’t cancel that Clinton Administration directive keeping our miliatry people disarmed. He agreed with it would be my supposition…as, of course, does Obama.

  5. Laughingdog Says:

    I was in the Navy before from 90-94, and we couldn’t carry personal firearms on base at any point while I was in. My uncle was in during the 80s, and they couldn’t do it then either. Anything Clinton did just formalized what the various base commanders had already been doing for decades.

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