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That’s a helluva toy shotgun.

2 Responses to “Toys”

  1. RAH Says:

    That was a beautiful toy. It looked like the real thing from a picture. But my first thought was why but such a realistic toy. Why not buy the real thing so the child can shoot and have fun at the range with the parent?

  2. Chas Says:

    Among other toy guns, I had the Johnny Eagle over-under shotgun when I was a kid. It had a launcher that could be wound up and then stepped on to launch a propeller-like disc. One disc was larger, the other smaller; one red, one yellow. The double barrel, break open shotgun only had one functional barrel; it used a spring-loaded cartridge that fired a black dart with a white rubber button for a tip.
    My cousin and I used to have shootouts – one of us would use would use the launcher and the other would use the shotgun. The rule was that you had to throw the other guy’s projectile back after it had been fired to keep the action going. It was a lot of fun.

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