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Not letting a crisis go to waste

After the Fort Hood shootings, folks are wasting no time blaming the gun and ammo. The shooter used the FN FiveseveN, which fires the 5.7X28. The round is basically a glorified .22 magnum. There is an armor piercing variety of the ammo but that is not for sale commercially. Wired has a look at the issue.

One Response to “Not letting a crisis go to waste”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    If scores of solders were in a disarmed victim zone, you could probably guess that they weren’t all armoured up in bullet-resistant vests (and when seconds count, the civilian police were 3 minutes away)

    CBS radio news, the night after the attack, said (after passing through layers of editorial oversight and all those earlier mistakes about Uzis and whatnot) that this semi-automatic pistol was popular with gangs.

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