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A teaching aid

Over at nonlogic comes some wailing and gnashing of teeth because a guy who is a state rep bought his four-year-old daughter a pink .22. My little girl shot for the first time at age five. And plans for her first gun are already in the works. And she’ll only have access to it when I’m around. And it will be a fun teaching aid to teach here about gun safety.

5 Responses to “A teaching aid”

  1. Tomcatshanger Says:

    I don’t think a 4 year old has hands big enough for a Glock 19 with .22 conversion kit, pink or not.

    It’s so HARD to find pictures on the intertubes of a pink Crickett .22lr single shot rifle in this day and age, it’s like google or bing doesn’t work for gun stuff… from behind a firewall.

    Good old nanny staters. Can’t even link to anything to confirm their story. That’s about as cute as their their child.

  2. ka Says:

    My six year old daughter thinks it is just great that we are going on a “date” Tuesday night. Dinner at PF Changs and then home to clean the guns I shot this weekend at the 3gun match. Guess which part she is most excited about?

  3. Mikee Says:

    The pink Glock shown in the article is the first image to show up if I google “pink gun.” So they used it as the image for their article. Which is odd, since the article they linked did not mention make or model of the pink gun purchased for the 4 year old.

    I’m guessing a pink Crickett, and a blue one for the boy. Ruger and Marlin makes pink ones also, and likely blue, but only the Crickett is kid-sized and single shot, which makes sense for a first gun for a 4 year old.

  4. Mikee Says:

    Incidentally, the linked article would have been more errrr, interesting, I guess, if they had used the second image google tosses out for “pink gun.”

  5. Laurel Says:

    They’d have a field day with me. Abigail has had her own pink Crickett since she was about 6 weeks old.

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