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Not a gun, a flashlight. Wait. What?

True story. I realized that my non-gun nut friends really dig the flashlights I had. So, for birthdays and holidays, I’d get them Surefire G2s. They liked them. A friend I’d gotten one for is a contractor. He was up in an attic looking to do some repair work. He set his G2 down on a crossbeam to look at something. A few minutes later, he smelled something burning. Looked down to see smoke coming out from under the flashlight. The heat of the lamp caused the wood to start smoldering a bit.

14 Responses to “Kaboom”

  1. jon spencer Says:

    That is the reason to buy the G-2 LED, much less heat produced.
    Besides the extended battery life with the LED’s.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Love mine, take it everywhere. I upgraded mine to the G-2 LED….12 hour runtime 80 lumens. That and I failed to rotate the lockout all the way once and it turned on in my jeans. Never made that mistake again, you aren’t kidding it gets hot!!!!

  3. The Duck Says:

    Had that happen, I was in basement when light went out, and thought the batteries had failed, went up stairs and set it on a table, a few minutes later one of the batteries exploded, the bulb had burned out, so in leaving it on it built up a lot of heat, and when they blow up they stink

  4. Tomcatshanger Says:

    This is why you don’t mix old batteries and new batteries. Bad things can happen.

    The lithium batteries erode their walls during use, so supposedly a good battery pushing through a dead battery can cause the dead battery’s wall to fail.

    Fun times.

  5. Paul Says:

    Just what I want. A bomb for a light. Wonder what effect this would have in Drills. Switched to LION since the NIMH ones have a memory, and I get a slow decay to explosion instead.

    That hand powered drill looks better all the time.

  6. Bobby Says:

    Hey guys.
    All the guys at work have this light:

    Any idea on how they compare? I’m looking for a good light…

  7. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Mas Ayoob has a post on flashlight kBs.

  8. Tomcatshanger Says:

    It’s not the most common thing in the world, but it CAN happen.

    Carry a single cell light. They are smaller, and by using a single battery, they get around the possible problem of using two batteries of different charge levels.

    The newest single CR123 battery LED lights are as bright or brighter and run as long or longer than the Surefire G2, are almost always smaller, and don’t cost that much more.

    Factor in the savings in battery costs, and there isn’t much of a down side in my opinion.

  9. Jay Says:

    It’s great for the outdoorsman in your life! It will not only brightly light the night, you can also start a fire with it! 2-n-1 usage! Call now!

  10. NMM1AFan Says:

    Doesn’t it say not to do that in the Surefire manual?

  11. DirtCrashr Says:

    I have an older three-cell Z3 Combatlight. Yes you CAN burn your ass with it in a rear pocket. I need to get the LED head for it. Otoh the 120-lumens it produces is kickass and I buy Surefire batteries, not no-name replacements.

  12. Tomcatshanger Says:

    Unless Surefire uses a substantially thicker battery wall, thereby reducing run time, the brand shouldn’t matter too much. If you run them incorrectly, you can cause a wall failure.

    It might be that Surefire uses a thicker wall. But like I just said, that would reduce battery life. I don’t know that it would be a noticeable reduction if this is what they are doing.

  13. Rignerd Says:

    I use these direct from China. The lights click on and off, but the will stand on end and Surefire won’t.

    I usually get two sets of batteries and a charger for each light. I give them away or sell them and most people who see them are highly impressed.
    Lipo CR123A
    C1 light
    LED replacement for G2

    Make sure you get batteries that are protected, they have a current limiter to keep them from burning up. They have some with a higher output, but they are not protected. If you want to use unprotected batteries make sure you supervise them while charging. I never charge any LiPo’s unsupervised, but I worry less with the protected units.
    Not affiliated with Deal extreme, but I have bought their products and have never been ripped off. They may ship slowly on some itmes, but you will get what you paid for.

  14. Fred Says:

    This is the bezel on my Surefire E1e Executive Elite.

    Pretty sure the manual says to not set it down pointing down with the light on for that reason.

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