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Breast Cancer Stupidity

The idiots at Center for Media and Democracy are upset that gun makers want to do their part to raise money for breast cancer research. Smith and Wesson offered up a special edition Julie Goloski M&P JG 9mm pistol for a silent auction. Julie has a post detailing the weapon and other particulars at her blog. The auction benefits the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It’s part of Shooters’ Supply Aim for the Cure.

But the Center for Media and Democracy doesn’t think us icky gun owning sorts should be involved in helping do our part. How petty and stupid. You can head to Julie’s for info on how to bid on the pink S&W.

Meanwhile, the pink AR-15 offered by DPMS to benefit breast cancer research that I mentioned earlier went for over $3000. I’m sure that would really annoy those ninnies at the Center for Media and Democracy.

12 Responses to “Breast Cancer Stupidity”

  1. Guav Says:

    I just posted a comment. It’s in moderation, pending Reasoned Discourse™ … this is what I posted:

    The leading causes of death for women are heart disease, cancer and then stroke. Not guns. In fact, guns are not a “cause” of death in women at all. Homicide is a CAUSE of death.

    Did you mean to say that guns are used in the majority of homicides of which women are the victim? Ok then, that’s true. But why stop with gun manufacturers? Since in the overwhelming majority of homicides in which women are the victim, the perpetrator is a man, you should probably just reject any donations or support by men for the breast cancer cause as cynical nonsense. After all, men are the leading killers of women—regardless of method—so how could they possibly have an interest in supporting breast cancer research and treatment? That is literally how silly your “point” is.

    And men are the majority of homicide victims, not women, and most of those men are killed with guns. If a gun maker donated money to testicular or prostate cancer research, nobody would be making the same ridiculous criticism you’re making here. They would appreciate the donation.

    “This is … roughly the equivalent of a cigarette maker selling a special pink cigarette for women, and then donating a tiny percentage of the profits from it to a women’s lung cancer fund.”

    No, it’s not even remotely equivalent. That analogy would only make sense if guns caused breast cancer.

  2. Guav Says:

    P.S. My comment was in reply to the comment posted by Anne Landman, not the main post.

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Apparently they don’t like that comment as it hasn’t showed-up yet…

  4. Guav Says:

    And of course, we are unsurprised by that.

  5. Robert Says:

    My comment has not been posted there yet either. I responded to the comment that said guns were a “leading cause of death” among women. Leading as in somwhere around 10th place, depending on what numbers you use and that’s counting men and women and all deaths including gang warfare, self defense and police shootings. I suggested that they read “Armed and Female” by Paxton Quigley.

  6. Laughingdog Says:

    “Did you mean to say that guns are used in the majority of homicides of which women are the victim?”

    Actually, according to the CDC report the author of that post linked to, that’s not true. Guns were the leading tool used. But about 48% of women that are murdered are killed by someone with a firearm.

    I actually posted a similar comment and didn’t think to copy it before clicking “post”. I finished with something like “since heart disease is the leading killer of women, I suppose you’d be just as angry if fast food chains supported breast cancer awareness as well”.

  7. Mik Says:

    from their website:

    Lisa Graves Executive Director
    Email: Lisa (AT)

    Wendell Potter Senior Fellow on Health Care
    email: Editor (AT)

    John Stauber founder Center for Media and Democracy and its news magazine PR Watch
    email: stauber AT

    About CMD
    The Center for Media and Democracy was founded by John Stauber in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization. CMD’s mission is to promote transparency and an informed debate by exposing corporate spin and government propaganda and by engaging the public in collaborative, fair and accurate reporting.

    Privacy Policy
    The Center for Media & Democracy (CMD) believes strongly in the internet as a vital tool for education, advocacy and information exchange.

  8. Guav Says:

    Yeah Laughingdog, that’s what I meant actually. Should have worded it clearer.

  9. Sean Sorrentino Says:

    Here’s my attempt at “Reasoned Discourse” ™

    No, you missed the point that a world class athlete, Julie Goloski, is offering for sale a copy of the exact piece of sports equipment she wins with in international competition. and a portion of the sales will be donated to Breast Cancer research. This should be about as controversial as Lance Armstrong raffling off his Tour de France bike for cancer research.

    more facts

    Total # of women who die from Breast cancer in 2005

    Total gunshot deaths in women, all causes, including suicide (2006)
    4,050 this includes 2,149 firearm suicides and 1,901 firearm homicides.

    so basically, guns are involved in less than one tenth the number of annual deaths of women than breast cancer.

    for some sort of comparison as to rarity of death by violence of all types,

    this shows how homicide deaths OF ALL CAUSES in women are ranked 15th, after heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, unintentional injury, diabetes, suicide, hypertension, and even Parkinson’s Disease.

    so basically, this whole thing can break down to PR Watch shrieking “EEEK a GUN!!!111eleventy!!

  10. chris Says:

    They havent approved my post either, fair discussion will ensue later i am sure.

  11. Robert Says:

    Theay appear to have gotten around to posting the commants. Most of her rebuttals focus on her saying that that the article said that firearms were one of the leading causes of “violent death” when earlier in the comments she stated that they were a leading cause of death period.

  12. Guav Says:

    And she’s ignored every single comment that mentions that guns save women’s live as well as taking them.

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