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You ever notice how education is always the top priority in an election year as opposed to the rest of the time when everyone couldn’t really give a damn?

5 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. Laughingdog Says:

    I haven’t noticed that to be the case entirely. But that’s probably because every year is an election year for someone around here since many of our state and local elections fall on odd numbered years.

    I’ve found that election years only cover half of the time that politicians care about education. The other half is when they want to raise taxes, because not raising taxes equals firing police and teachers. Apparently, there’s some law somewhere that says they have to cut spending in those two areas first and we’re just not informed enough to find that law.

  2. RW Says:

    I notice that the proposed “fixes” (more money, more teachers, more money, more teachers, and, oh, more money) were the same fixes that were supposed to take care of the problem before the last election. And the one before that. And the one before that. (go on and on until you’re about 4 generations back)

    Especially the inner-city schools which, let’s face it, are the outhouses of the proverbial plantation & are the scores that always bring down each individual state’s averages. Those same pols were promising the same things 40 years ago when their party “machines” were getting geared up. They never improved, yet they still get their $$ and votes.

    Sometimes I think we get the leadership we deserve.

  3. W.Richards Says:

    I’m beginning to note that that in Cook county Illinois both Todd Stroger and Mayor Daley are claiming no new tax’s this year. Three guess’s when these guys are up for re election?

    2010 Cough, Cough

  4. ATLien Says:

    a good read is on Kevin’s site where a republican from California talks about the education budget.

  5. liberal gun lover Says:

    This is one of my arguments for good schools and the money needed to fund them a properly. Smart people don’t commit crimes with guns (gross generalization). If we had less gun crime I would not have so any people trying to tell me I can’t have this gun or that gun.