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May Issue

In Sacramento, they issued 37 handgun carry permits. The anti-gunners crap themselves. There’s probably 37 in my neighborhood.

8 Responses to “May Issue”

  1. AughtSix Says:

    Heck, there are probably that many at my church–of about 75 people.

  2. Chas Says:

    The Golden State isn’t golden anymore. Turns out it was merely brass-plated and now has red rust coming through.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    There’s probably close to that in MY neighborhood. And we’re talking Mass here!

  4. JR Says:

    Lucky me, I LIVE in Sacramento County and my city lets the County Sheriff make the call for CCW permits.

    My only alternative is unloaded open carry.

    Sometimes I hate California…

  5. Sean Sorrentino Says:

    37? There’s probably that many in my apartment complex.

  6. Mikee Says:

    And 25 applicants were denied the permits. No reasons for refusal were given in the article, but the details would make an interesting report, to a real reporter.

  7. Kim du Toit Says:

    Probably 37 in my street. Hell, we have three, just in our house.

  8. Will Says:

    Selling permits was how some sheriffs raised re-election funds. Think about it, 500 or so permits at a grand a year donation (to ensure you got a renewal). If you decide to not run again, instant retirement fund! For some reason, the current sheriff appears to be denying all renewals, and issuing few, if any. Love this “MAY” Issue CCW system.