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People segregate themselves

That’s racist!

Seems white people are leaving urban areas and setting up their own Whitopias.

9 Responses to “People segregate themselves”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    I stopped at the point he said “teabagger.”

    This self-segregation is the norm, not the exception. My high school was cited by many as an aberration in that (at least while I was there) there were no gang problems or even significant racial cliques; my group of friends looked like the cast of Lost. At college, I found that even folks with whom I was close in high school very quickly wound up in racial groups.

    It’s the same for other things; by the end of college I tended to hang out almost exclusively with Evangelicals: it was simply easier.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    the guy is an idiot.

  3. bwm Says:

    Cliffs Notes:

    People congregate with people they perceive to be like themselves and the government must do something to stop it.

  4. monkeyfan Says:

    Yeah Wolfwood, he lost me at “teabagger” as well.

    I don’t choose to live around, or even hang out with, id10ts who would write this sort of article nor do/would I with those who would take it’s underlying narrative to heart.

    …And I don’t care if they’re white, black, blue, or green. It’s too dangerous to my health, my wallet, and my liberty. Let them stay in their enclaves.

  5. karrde Says:

    Old news.

    That process was visible in neighborhoods inside Detroit (by community custom, even when neighborhood compacts weren’t in force) from the early 1900’s into the 1960’s. After the Detroit Riots of ’67, the pale-skinned middle-class moved to the suburbs. About a generation later, the darker-skinned middle-class also moved to the suburbs, leaving the poor of both races inside the City, along with a sprinkling of the extremely wealthy.

    Curiously, the ethnic Poles went to one suburban area, ethnic Greeks went into another area, Jews went into a distinct area, Chinese/Japanese chose a different set of suburbs, and the Arabs (subdivided into Caldean/Lebanese/Jordanian/etc by local region) moved into a distinctive parts of the suburban area. This was true whether the ethnic group entered the Metro Area before or after the ’67 riots.

  6. chris Says:

    Go look at the rural towns across the south. Many of the small towns are almost 100% black. Most of that is because of historical reasons dating back to at least the 1870s. Then look at crime rates. Those cities almost always have significantly higher crime rates than surrounding cities that are more integrated.

    The real question becomes, why would anyone of ANY race want to live there?

  7. Alcibiades Says:

    What’s odd is that most socialists support ethnic enclaves and say “screw that whole ‘melting pot’ concept”.

  8. Mike Gallo Says:

    Hold on, monkeyfan; blue or green? We’ve got to draw the line somewhere.*

    *Stolen blatantly from Mitch Hedberg.

  9. Tom Says:

    Sounds more like people are going Galt to some extent…or, you know, just seeking out places that don’t suck. I’d love to see some numbers on the “migration” patterns of the different races and income levels. I have this feeling it’d be a lot different then the teabagie suggests.