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Bank manager stops robbery

With this Kel-Tec.

3 Responses to “Bank manager stops robbery”

  1. alan Says:

    But was he open carrying?

  2. Wanda Says:

    I’m not surprised he was fired. If a customer had been hit, the bank probably could have been sued.

  3. CMathews Says:

    I’ve tried to convince my mother, who is a manager at a bank, to at least let me put a safe in her car. That way when she opens or closes she will at least have that security close. But, she is a good manager and follows her bank’s no firearm policy. She does however have the best OC/CS Spray I could find. One of her tellers used to carry a taser, but was soon asked to stop when approached by an area manager. Not only that, but from their front door there is a police station within 1500yds.

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