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The Nut Wizard

Pretty cool contraption for picking up spent brass.

3 Responses to “The Nut Wizard”

  1. JoeMerchant24 Says:

    We once had an older, larger gent bring a battery-powered leaf vac to a GLOCK match to suck up his brass. Not very effective.

  2. Homer Says:

    Talked to Dick Level a little over a year ago, and bought one. I went with the small, which works great (available in extra small, small, medium, large). Although the extra small seems to hold a few more 9MM and 38 cases than the small, it balks a bit at 44 and 45 brass. The heavier the brass the fewer it will hold before brass starts dribbling out between the wires. It’s a real handy tool, and the only stuff it won’t pick up is brass in real thick grass or that’s been stomped into the dirt.

  3. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    It’s a pecan roller like they use down South.

    I first saw one used at the Chapman Academy many moons ago when dinosaurs walked the earth.

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