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This could be fun

I think I’m going to request a copy of my FBI file. You can do it too.

7 Responses to “This could be fun”

  1. Nate Says:

    I love the “State how much you are willing to pay for duplication fees if any are assessed.”
    Ummmm, isn’t a portion of my paycheck confiscated every other week to pay for them to keep that file…you would think that I would be doing them a favor and should therefore be charging them.

  2. Nomen Nescio Says:

    rumor has it a buncha people did that back in the 1990’s, only to get back a one page file consisting solely of their FOIA request.

    i never requested my FBI file, but i did file a FOIA request for my INS papers back when they were still called the INS. i got back some seriously bad (fourth or fifth generation by the looks of them) photocopies of most of what i would have expected to be in my file… and about half again as much stuff that were about some whole different person entirely.

  3. Tomcatshanger Says:

    I bet I actually have an entry somewhere, I worked for a company that got shut down by the FBI once upon a time.

    The lead investigator recognized my laugh from the phone taps!

    I wonder…

  4. karrde Says:

    Mine would probably say only, “recently requested a copy of his own FBI file”.

    Talk about generating noise in their file-database!

  5. Rabbit Says:

    I’ll pass.

    I know I’ve got one, because of jobs I’ve held previously. These days I’d prefer to not poke the sleeping bear. I like my life as nice and quiet as it is at this time. No need to stand up and wave my arms in the air.


  6. CarlS Says:

    Get your FBI files, your CIA files, your Intelligence files (if you ever held a clearance), your military police files (if ever involved in any shape or fashion with the military, even as a civilian), get your federal DNA files (again if ever involved with the military or othe federal agencies), and get your federal drivers license database files (if you’ve ever had a drivers license). Addresses to write to can be googled. Does it work? Yes, my copies are in my file cabinet as I type.

  7. straightarrow Says:

    No need. I know they already know all about me. My file would be rather large. Christ, they even talked to people from the time I was a baby who had known me or had contact. Dumb bastards!