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The Drama Llama

It’s funny watching our Tennessee lefty blogs. 99% of the time they march lockstep together. Not usually any varying opinions there. And when they do disagree and fight about it in public, it’s over something stupid. The latest is there’s this Tennessee politico named Jim Cooper. And Jim Cooper hasn’t taken a nice big healthy swig of the free health care insurance for everyone kool-aid. You know, probably because he has at least a rudimentary understanding of economics and wants to get reelected. Apparently, the idiots at Kos decided to take back his progressive decoder ring and launch an all out blitz on the guy. If I was Cooper, I’d be happier than a pig in a nice big pile of Kos given their history of backing losers. Based on odds, it’s definitely a good thing.

Oh, and there’s that other thing. See, they don’t even have another candidate yet but they’re talking about beating him in the primary. Man, these dudes are smart.

And the good little kosmonauts are quick to throw their otherwise like-minded friends immediately under the bus. While under the bus, look around for ending the war in Iraq, opposing the PATRIOT Act and all that other stuff our progressives were yammering on about a few short months ago but have since forgotten about. Good times.

One Response to “The Drama Llama”

  1. Manish Says:

    Well, Kos did get behind Joe Lieberman’s opponent and won that one. The only reason that Lieberman was able to stay in the election was that Connecticut doesn’t have a sore-loser law while I believe TN does.

    The guy has a 16% approval rating amongst Democrats in his district.