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Good find

Woman auctions late husband’s 1851 Colt Navy Pistols. For $130K.

7 Responses to “Good find”

  1. nk Says:

    If I do not comment for a while, it’s because I’m in intensive care for terminal envy. I had a chance to buy Colt’s remakes (not replicas) about twenty-five years ago, and instead I was buying Mauser and Browning bolt-actions. Idiot, that’s me.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Keep holding onto those guns, nk, they aren’t getting any cheaper, so maybe your day WILL come.

  3. B Smith Says:

    About the only thing that (slightly) mollifies my envy:

    “I’m buying them not just from the investment perspective. I’m buying them because they are pure artwork.”

    At least they went to a good home.

  4. DrWyrm Says:

    Was she licensed to carry those guns in NYC?

  5. Tom Says:

    and to think she could have just turned them in for a $50 gift card at some “buy back” and avoided that ebil capitalism thing.

  6. Lyle Says:

    The ’51 Navy is an excellent piece– even some of the reproductions that sell for ~$250.00. To this day, my best 25 yard group fired from a pistol is one I shot offhand with a ’51 Colt. Elmer Keith was fond of them…
    …and if it could save the life of just one child, shouldn’t we all get one?

  7. Paul Says:

    bad trigger discipline…..Good looking guns.

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