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Now better, when coupled with the ability to disarm the oppressive patriarchy.

3 Responses to “Feminism”

  1. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “NOW to include a .38 with every membership package? My Marxist/feminist sisters don’t buy that for two seconds! It’s not common sense communism! The idea is to completely disarm all private citizens so that a Marxist government can do as it pleases. My feminist amigas have been promised a share of the governing, or at least that’s what they expect and that’s why they’re cooperating with the communization of America. So what if some of them get raped or killed along the way because they can’t defend themselves? They know it’s a small price to pay for total totalitarian control down the road. Of course, we might not give them everything they want, or just say thanks and tell them to get lost, but we have to get there first and we need their help to bring down America.”

  2. comatus Says:

    Wot only a .38? I thought everything had to be a 9 now.

    I won’t besmirch this action with the nasty old label of feminism. This is battling for human rights (and, incidentally, survival itself). I’ll give it a quick femi twist though: those Marines we send in? Let’s send Woman Marines. Just this once. With Ka-Bars.

    That’ll teach ’em, dammit. Let them get to know some American girls for a change.

  3. straightarrow Says:

    A young man I know who has recently returned from Iraq, said he had a young woman in his squad that he would take over any three of male squad members. He said she was “Hell on wheels in a firefight”. Though she wasn’t supposed to be in any, she was in several due to them being attacked going about their “non-combat” duty.