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Why does Triangle Man hate Particle Man?

My kids are into songs by They Might Be Giants. My son really digs Particle Man. But we don’t know why Triangle Man is such a poopyhead.

Also, he’s into Peaches by POTUSA, which is the greatest rock video ever because everything is better with ninja fights:

11 Responses to “Why does Triangle Man hate Particle Man?”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Do you have TMBG’s album “No!”?

    Perfect for kids but be forewarned. It’s Earworm central.

  2. Bitter Says:

    Wow, bringing back the high school memories there.

  3. mike w. Says:

    Ah POTUSA, weird but very good. Loved them as a kid. Dune Buggy, Peaches, Lump, Naked & Famous.

  4. Roger Abramson Says:

    You haven’t lived until you ask your two-year old something and he just looks at you and then starts singing “Yes, no, maybe…I don’t know…can you repeat the question?” and then toddles off laughing.

  5. Chris Byrne Says:

    It still amuses the hell out of me that “the johns” spent 25 years being nearly unknown except among geeks and indie freaks (excepting “birdhouse in your soul”, and “istanbul”, making very little money; and then manage to strike it rich with tv theme songs, childrens cable television, and kids music.

  6. Cam Says:

    Guess I’m a geek then… I saw TMBG for the first time when I was in high school (Apollo 18 tour), and have seen them four times since. Just picked up “Hear Comes Science” for my youngest, and my 9-year old used to love “No!” when it first came out.

  7. monkeyfan Says:


    The fight song for a new generation of Liberty lovers: Muse – Uprising

  8. Old F'n Fart Says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talkin about. So here’s a little advice: Don’t get old.

  9. dave Says:

    Our local gym pipes in music that I guess comes from satellite radio. A few weeks ago I’m working out, and POTUSA(Peaches) comes on. No Doubt comes on after that. I ask my trainer what’s up, and he says that apparently the person who controls the station found a 90s channel and it’s been a massive hit with the regular gym members. It’s been playing ever since, I love it!

  10. Stuart_the_Viking Says:

    Here’s the quick explanation.

    triangle man = religon (think holy trinity)
    particle man = science

    Various religous movements have had issues with science from the early Catholic church’s insistance that the earth is the center of the universe (and that it was flat) to the modern day creationists who seem to believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, was magically blinked into existance by their invisible friend, and dino fosils are a great big prank played upon us by said invisible friend in an attempt to trick us into not believeing in him so that we can all go to hell.

    But I could be wrong… It might just be a catchy tune.


  11. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Slight variation on Stuart, the way I had explained to me is:

    Triangle man = trinity
    Person man = jesus
    Particle man = holy spirit
    Universe man = god

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