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There’s not just one

Best SHTF gun?

6 Responses to “There’s not just one”

  1. Tomcatshanger Says:

    This sounds like a conversation in search of a problem. I don’t know of anyone who will stop carrying their handgun on their person after SHTF, even if they also start being closer to a long gun.

    Maybe there are folks who are interested in preping for SHTF that are not armed every day?

  2. Wolfwood Says:

    The commenters bring up a very good point: what exactly is SHTF?

    1. Mass/Serial Killer: shotgun or .45
    2. Gang of petty thugs: AK/AR or 9mm (something hi-cap)
    3. Kidnappers with body armor: something in .357, CZ-52, or an AK/AR
    4. Nuked back to Stone Age: .22
    5. Zombies: AK, AR, or Saiga-12

  3. B Woodman Says:

    Hmmm. . .Followed the links & read the original blog. Considering that “collapse” would likely mean government as well as the rule of law, how about a sawed-off shotgun? Who’s going to tell you “no”?

  4. M.D. Creekmore Says:

    B Woodman,

    A common misconception in survivalist circles is that the Government will no long exist after a collapse. Governments do not relinquish power easily and in fact will most likely become even more oppressive during social unrest or economic collapse. I hope I am wrong here, but using history as a guide, I can see the heavy hand of big brother gripping at our throats for a longtime to come.

  5. Phelps Says:

    The best SHTF gun is the closest one.

  6. M.D. Creekmore Says:


    I agree – and which one is that likely to be? See my point…

    M.D. Creekmore
    The Survivalist Blog

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