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I’d give him a medal

Where Great Britain used to be:

Millionaire faces jail for attack on knife raider at his home

2 Responses to “I’d give him a medal”

  1. JJR Says:

    This case is a little more ambiguous:

    Mr Price [the Prosecutor] said that when the Hussains fought with Salem inside the house: ‘They were acting entirely lawfully
    in defence of themselves and their families.

    [just as they would be here, q.v.]

    ‘If they had stopped there, they would not be where they are now. But they did not.’

    He said witnesses had told of seeing three or four Asian men encircling Salem in a garden, ‘ kicking and stamping on him as he lay there’ for several minutes.

    ***therein lies the problem***

    If you have stopped the threat to your life, and then proceed to vent your anger and frustration by means of physical violence on the subdued criminal, then even an American DA might consider bringing charges.

    In other words, Mr. Hussain might be in the same legal boat over here as over there, if things transpired exactly as the news article describes.

    The unspoken truth is, of course, that over here the homeowner would probably have had a gun, and Mr. Salem would probably be dead. Assuming the Castle doctrine, most DAs would decline to prosecute; Mr. Salem’s family might sue in civil court, but most US juries would be wholly unsympathetic. And I would be fine with that outcome, as a fellow citizen.

    The law (US and UK) is on your side if you are in reasonable fear of your own life. It does not, however, let you “get medieval on someone’s ass” and, in effect, torture them for trespassing on your property and threatening your family. While the right of individual self defense is properly justly sacrosanct, this individual evidently crossed over that line and made *himself* judge, jury, and jailer.

    Punishment for criminal acts is deferred to the State in a society governed by laws rather than men. The line can be blurry, but at some point Mr. Hussain went from protecting his family & property justly to basically torturing Mr. Salem, and even an American prosecutor in the reddest of Red states would see it that way, too.

  2. nk Says:

    They should not have lied to the Court.

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