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Fatal error in the victim selection process

Man kills intruder with samurai sword.

8 Responses to “Fatal error in the victim selection process”

  1. bwm Says:

    In the garage, the student told police he discovered a man and when the student told the man to get out, the man accosted him, Guglielmi said. The student defended himself with the sword, cutting off the man’s hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body, he said.

    Jesus, how fucking dumb do you have to be to “accost” someone wielding a samurai sword? ‘Bout like trying to rob a gun store with a knife.

  2. clamp Says:

    I was unaware there are ninjas living in Maryland.

  3. Blake Says:

    Time to ban swords.

  4. D2k Says:

    Interesting story, most commercial swords that people buy come with no edge, however if you know where to look there are a few companies that make good quality swords some at relatively inexpensive prices as I would expect a college student to have.
    I’m not really surprised that the home invader lacked proper respect for what the sword can do, as most peoples’ exposure to swords tends to be the dull “sword like objects”.
    It doesn’t take much to cut through an arm sized target, but it take a decently sharp edge and at least some knowledge oh how to use the sword.

  5. IScott Says:

    “Police are interviewing the student and his roommates, and are talking to prosecutors about whether to file charges.”

    Filing charges? As long as the kid’s story stands up what’s there to file charges about. It sounds like the burglar reached for the sword after the kid told him to leave, the kid sliced off the hand and followed through with a slash to the chest for good measure. It’s one of the more basic moves with that type of sword for a down slash followed by an upward slash.

  6. JJR Says:

    Wow, this kid wouldn’t have even been able to do THAT to defend himself in the UK…

    I have an authentic Scottish broadsword (with edge) from , but I’d still be reachin’ for my Mossy 500 in its bedside rack if I heard a burglar break in to my place.

  7. Huck Says:

    Conner Macleod is alive and well in Baltimore!

  8. B Smith Says: