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Photo Ninja

Derek from The Packing Rat is a most excellent photographer. And you never know he’s taking pictures of you. He’s stealthy like that. And he can shoot steel pretty darn well too. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed perusing his photos from the GBR. He has lots of photos from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Day 3 has a quite a few videos too. He snagged this photo of me shooting Larry from Brownells tricked out STI with brass in the air and apparently on target – or close:

From Gun Porn

Looks like my Todd Jarrett lessons paid off.

2 Responses to “Photo Ninja”

  1. Travlin Says:

    “He snagged this photo of me shooting Larry …” How did Larry feel about that?

  2. Travlin Says:

    I should have added a smiley face to my comment above. 🙂 I’m a friendly joker, not a troll.