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Not a game I would play

Trust. Sorry, pointing guns at things you’re not willing to destroy is never a good idea.

16 Responses to “Not a game I would play”

  1. RAH Says:

    A different version of Russian roulette.
    They should have their thrils satisfied by combat not during relaxation.

  2. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Neil Stephenson describes a ritual like this in “The Diamond age”, where a member of a certain tribe must set up a deathtrap for him/herself, leave, and hope another member has rendered it safe before he/she trips it upon return.

    (Examples given are a faulty rappel on a cliff, and handgun which must be unloaded)

    I understand the benefits, but it is not a risk I would like to take.

  3. Tam Says:

    I trust my friends…

    …to follow the &^%$ing Four Rules.

  4. nk Says:

    Jeesus #$$%^^ Keerist! “Playing Russian Roulette with an automatic” is a #$%%%^ idiom for extreme stupidity for crying out loud.

  5. nk Says:

    Malone smiled at Nelson, other Marines in the room told investigators.

    Gary Cooper: When you call me that, smile.
    Walter Houston: I always smile when somebody sticks a gun in my belly.

    Stupid #$%^&&* macho assholes.

  6. Chas Says:

    Don’t do that.

  7. Gun Blobber Says:

    To re-phrase Tam…. I don’t trust anybody who points a gun at me.

  8. nk Says:

    I don’t know that if I were the prosecutor I would try to put this man in jail, though. I don’t see that his conscience is not going to punish him a lot more than we can under the UCMJ. (But I’m a suckass bleeding heart liberal when it comes to prosecuting people, anyway.)

  9. Paul Says:

    This game is old as time. It was done by Roman Centurions at the time of Christ. It is was and is a method to instill unit cohesion in front line troops. It is coarse and quick. We have better techniques now and we do not need to employ these kinds of things in our troops. This kind of behavior needs to be discouraged.

    My prayers go to the Malone family on the loss of their beloved son.

    Nelson needs to go to jail for accidental death.

  10. Rabbit Says:

    At least with the Russian game of “Cuckoo” you had better odds of not being hit.


  11. ATLien Says:

    What. The. Frak.

    I agree with Tam. I trust you not to point that shit at me.

  12. Kristopher Says:

    RAH: Russian Roulette was not a game … it was a way around the Tsar’s prohibition on dueling.

    The duelists in this case are both in danger ( with an advantage to the one going second ), but each could claim that the other shot himself.

  13. _Jon Says:

    I’ve had it done to me.

    It changes you.
    You never see that hole the same way.

    It is usually done so quickly that you don’t really have a chance to react / respond. The question is immediately followed by the action.

  14. wizardpc Says:


    Did you beat him to death with his empty gun?

  15. D2k Says:

    wizardpc beat me too it, seriously as others have said, I trust you not to point a gun at me.
    Disregard of basic safety does not make me trust you more, it makes me trust you less.

  16. _Jon Says:

    The physical size difference between us would make a good case study of why the gun is a great equalizer. Without one, I wouldn’t have much chance.

    I don’t go shooting with him anymore.