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Movie Industry?

Ridefast notes Cali has more NFA weapons than other states. I wonder how many are owned by those providing props for movies? Also, you have to rely on the data in the NFRTR to be accurate. And even ATF’s own agents testify that it is not.

3 Responses to “Movie Industry?”

  1. alan Says:

    CA may be in the lead over all but Texas leads in machine guns, the only category that matters.

    When I got my form 4 signed by the sheriff back in the 90s, I asked him how many of these he does. He said, “Four or five a week.”

    I love Texas.

  2. Tomcatshanger Says:

    I’d guess most are owned to support the film industry.

    Texas has more MG’s, Silencers, and SBR’s. California has WAY more Destructive Devices and a lot more short shotguns and a few more AOW’s.

    I’ll take Texas. We may not own large caliber cannon to support films, but we own a shit ton of legal suppressors thank you very much.

  3. Will Says:

    Those Hollywood movie guns left town in a big way back about ’99. LA passed a bunch of anti-gun laws. Made it prohibitively expensive for class III stuff to be in town. Those idiots were told that it would kill the movie/tv industry. In response, they made it more onerous, it seems. Tax on each magazine, etc… The firearms rental business Stembridge sold all their class III guns and gear (out of state).

    Now any show requiring that sort of weaponry is made in Toronto, Canada, typically.

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