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On licensing and registration

In Ireland:

IFA Countryside has warned that farmers are struggling to complete complicated nine-page application forms introduced by the Department of Justice under new firearms licensing arrangements.

Of course, that’s how it is intended to work. As SIH says:

This is why we fight licensing here. Once you have it in place, the wrench will be tightened until people donít want to bother. Then once your numbers are down enough, itís effectively over. Youíre one tragedy away from ruin.

And little bits of legal paper can’t solve or prevent crime.

5 Responses to “On licensing and registration”

  1. nk Says:

    Why would the Irish need guns, anyway? Don’t they have the British to protect them?

  2. geekWithA.45 Says:

    The sad truth of this is demonstrated on American soil in New Jersey.

    NJ started fingerprinting honest gun owners in 1966. They’re now the smallest identifiable voting bloc in the state.

  3. JJR Says:

    When the Brits tried to take Irish guns in the bad old days, they resisted. But when the Irish state grabs guns…

    …I wonder if this all stems from the Irish Civil War period, when the new Irish gov’t had to contend with anti-treaty IRA holdouts….

  4. Billy Beck Says:

    “And little bits of legal paper canít solve or prevent crime.”

    That is an enormously important and crucial political insight, sir. I beg you to hold onto it with everything you’ve got, and always remember that the United States Constitution was a counter-revolutionary act.

    Do you understand?

  5. Firehand Says:

    Pretty much what I said: this is made as complicated and difficult as possible specifically to try to cause people to give up.

    Nanny-state dirtbags are the same all over, aren’t they?