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Under color of law

For the G20 summit, Pittsburgh will revive it’s assault weapons ban. Sebastian says: The law was thrown out in court, and is therefore no law. If the City of Pittsburgh tries to enforce it, they are acting under color of law.

Depriving someone of their rights under color of law? That should be illegal.

5 Responses to “Under color of law”

  1. JoeMerchant24 Says:

    There’s a whole summit dedicated to the G20?

    I know Robb loves his, but is there really a need for a whole summit?

    What do they talk about? Robb not wearing pants?

  2. Ron W Says:

    The global power elites evidently supercede and are higher than “the Supreme Law of the Land”. And there will no doubt be real “assault (full-auto) weapons” being carried by hired guns to protect the world’s ruling class.

  3. Spook45 Says:

    Criminal and civil violations under color of law are ileagal. Under US code a person can sue to recover monitary damages in these situations and in many similer situations pertaining to the criminal acts under color of law can also seek prosecution of the perps in those cases. sometimes when you have a jurisdiction that runs over people like this a BIG PHAT LAWSUIT is just what the doctor ordered to get things on the striaght and narrow!

  4. geekWithA.45 Says:

    Interesting note: Under PA law, the governor has the power, under certain circumstances, to declare a state of emergency. One of the emergency powers is to prohibit the public carriage of arms. LTCF (ccw) holders are *specifically*exempt*

  5. Archelon Says:

    If Pittsburgh officials act under a law already invalidated by the courts, there is a very, very strong chance that they are NOT operating under color of law. And, since the law has already been invalidated, the officials are probably personally liable for various torts such as false arrest, etc., and probably also the crime of official oppression. If they use a gun, well, that might also be a criminal assault.

    They really better think very long and hard before they do this.

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