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Good news: You’re not a felon

Mentioned a bit back the ATF’s NFA Handbook said pin and weld was not an acceptable method of applying devices that extend barrel length, thereby making thousands of people law-breakers. Well, the ATF has since recanted. Apparently, NRA read it on the blogs and went to the ATF about the issue. Cool.

5 Responses to “Good news: You’re not a felon”

  1. USCtizen Says:

    And that’s a good thing … my Bushmaster AK Shorty was definitely in the unregistered SBR category for a while there.

  2. Chas Says:

    Why is the federal government even involved in something as ridiculous as measuring the length of the barrels of privately owned guns? Is that brand of voodoo gun control somehow magically keeping people from getting shot in Chicago? If I want to know how long one of my gun barrels is, I can measure it myself. As for ATF, I’ve got something they can measure . . .

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Yay for the NRA! Now disband the ATF and move all the agents to the Border Patrol.

  4. Captain Holly Says:

    Unpossible. The NRA never does anything for owners of Black Rifles.

    It must have been the GOA, working behind the scenes. 😉

  5. emdfl Says:

    Yeah, this’ll be fine – right up to the time that Holder has his boys at the (in)justice dpt re-interpret the rules again.