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Like The A-Team

Police officer fires 19 rounds at suspect. No hits.

7 Responses to “Like The A-Team”

  1. ka Says:

    As Sheriff White says, “We train more, they do better.

  2. _Jon Says:

    And they want automatic weapons….

  3. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    interesting how the article sides with the drug riddled robber.

  4. Adam Says:

    Was he just running and shooting in the general direction of the suspect? If I have to be concerned with a backstop defending myself, then I would expect the police to show the same concern. I’m sure it’s an incredibly frightening situation, but it would seem like more and better training is in order.

  5. Huck Says:

    Now I know why LEOs prefer autos with high cap mags over revolvers, they have more rounds to miss with! 🙂

  6. Matt Groom Says:

    I say we give them single shot pistols. They’ll be less likely to injure and innocent bystander.

  7. DAve Says:

    “Banana clip for your pistol, guvnah?”

    *That’s two comments in a row with banana in them*

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