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And nationalized health insurance would be different how?

Obama embraces free market – for once: ĎItís the Post Office Thatís Always Having Problemsí

Well, the USPS is losing money. So, sell it to Netflix. Lysander Spooner would be proud.

3 Responses to “And nationalized health insurance would be different how?”

  1. Matt Groom Says:

    I can say that Netflix is awesome compared to Blockbuster Total Access, which I recently switched from, but if the USPS was run as effectively and available in as many locations as BBTA, I’d probably be more inclined to use it.

    The last letter I sent in the mail made it’s way all the way to NC from FL and was RETURNED to FL 6 miles from its destination for “insufficient postage” to the tune of $0.02. How could it possibly SAVE the USPS money to ship the thing THREE TIMES at $0.51 vs. one time at $0.49? When did proper postage not cover sending a single piece of paper in an envelope three states away?

    So, you know what I did? I sent the letter in a book, in a box, via UPS, for $18.95, insured. It got there the next day. UPS did not charge me extra to ship it back to me, either.

  2. Manish Says:

    That’s why its a public option. Don’t want it? Don’t get it. Many seniors prefer Medicare to their previous private insurance plans.

  3. The Armed Partisan Says:

    Nothing like ‘free’ compared to something you have to pay for out of pocket each month, I suppose.

    Hell, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t prefer public transportation over having their own car! There’s just no sense of community when you drive yourself!

    “Don’t want it? Don’t get it!”
    But pay for it anyways, sucker!