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ZOMG!!! law-abiding people!!!

When Josh Horwitz is not busy losing, he writes at the HuffPo. His latest is that some of those Fascist / Nazi / KKK grand wizards / insurrectionists / insurance company lobbyists / racists / insert code word to induce left wing indignation / tea baggers / mobs / and, say, Emmanuel Lewis (for laughs) are carrying concealed weapons to meetings and such. Why, it seems that there have been a few cases of law-abiding concealed carry permit holders doing just that. This, he says, could lead to violence. Strange that it hasn’t yet.

Only violence I’ve seen is when a black tea partier was beaten up by raging Obamabots who chanted racist slurs and business man assaulted then threatened with arrest.

Update: Sebastian says they’re probably carrying to prevent being beaten up by union thugs.

19 Responses to “ZOMG!!! law-abiding people!!!”

  1. Rabbit Says:

    They just don’t get that a concealed gun is like the inverse of a condom carried in your wallet. You actually *hope* you get to use the condom, but you’re prepared, just the same, in case it does turn out to be a syphillitic troll. You just don’t know until you get there.


  2. Paul Says:

    Except I don’t hope to use the weapon, good analogy. I kind of prefer insurance. just with a weapon I will not suffer any indignation before it kicks in.

    If/When I go to Tea party I will be properly dressed. If you want to get into my face to the point I feel threatened, it is your problem, not mine.

  3. Mad Saint Jack Says:


  4. Ken Says:

    Are these left-wingers really sure they want to turn the entire pro-gun 75% against their “health care” plan?

  5. DAve Says:

    Be sure to carry some of these:

  6. blounttruth Says:

    ZOMG, Just confirmed that the secret service with Obama was armed. In the words of Uncle “There like us, only better”!

    The media circus is in full swing over this non issue as usual, and what a non issue it is. Perhaps they need to visit the area more often to allow themselves to become more familiar of what a “free” society looks like.

  7. Also Ken Says:

    Alas, it’s not just the left, though. You should see the full-on Defcon One PSH at Ace of Spades over this.

  8. TexasFred Says:

    A boy and his gun.. It’s a beautiful thing…

    Just like the Am-Ex Card, don’t leave home without it..

    If you’re going to a TEA Party, a Town Hall meeting, any function now a days, and you DON’T go armed, you are placing yourself in danger in my opinion..

  9. Guav Says:

    Since when is one black guy calling another black guy “nigga” considered to be a mob “chanting racist slurs”?

  10. SayUncle Says:

    Guav, there was a group of 6 arrested. I didn’t call them a mob but I guess 6 could be a mob. Only one guy chanted slurs? I guess that’s comforting to the guy who was beaten up.

  11. Nylarthotep Says:

    Did anyone catch the FreeStater in NH down the street from the Obamacare rally? MSNBC urinates all over themselves about the guy open carrying. They even wonder why someone isn’t doing something about it like getting a court injunction.

    Friggin’ Journalists. They were even told by the police chief that this was completely legal.

    PrisonPlanet also links to that Jackass Chris Matthews playing “hardball” with the guy that was reported by MSNBC. The guy does a pretty good job overall. He gets treated pretty roughly by Matthews and is polite and correct through the whole thing.

    No doubt Matthews and the rest of the Ministry of Truth must be really upset no gun fire was exchanged.

  12. Guav Says:

    Nobody “chanted” anything—he was selling conservative buttons and one black guy asked him “What kind of nigga are you to be giving this stuff out.”

    The guy was not “beaten up” by a long shot. He’s saying he was struck, knocked down, and the surrounded by thugs who kicked him and beat him. Have you watched the video? Nothing remotely close to that happens.

    An SEIU member is already on the ground. As he’s laying there, another SEIU member pulls Gladney away from him—Gladney falls, and so does the guy who pulled him. They both spring back up immediately. Nobody beat or kicked him. Gladney is completely unhurt in the rest of the video.

    This is some backwards B carved in the face type shit.

  13. SayUncle Says:

    Looks to me like some dude was getting beat up. Obviously, you watched it in more detail than I did. Why were 7 people arrested?

  14. Guav Says:

    Yeah, it looks like some guy is getting beat up—he’s laying there on the ground, and for a second it looks like he got stomped on, but he didn’t. That’s an SEIU person on the ground, and his friend stands over him. That’s the clip that FOX showed when they interviewed Gladney, so you assume that it’s Gladney on the ground getting beaten. It isn’t.

    Gladney is over on the right, standing up in the tan shirt. Someone pulls Gladney down, and then falls down himself, and they both get right back up. Then Gladney walks around casually and talks for the rest of the video, totally unharmed. This is a total hoax.

    I have no idea why 7 people are arrested, but that in itself doesn’t tell us much.

  15. Guav Says:

    And even though Gladney was fine immediately afterwards, the next day he’s suddenly in a wheelchair, “on medication,” soliciting donations for his “medical bills”—because he’s unemployed, and UNINSURED haha. Ridiculous.

  16. Nylarthotep Says:

    Never been in a fight Guav? How about a car accident? Someone starts hitting you and knocks you down what is the first physical reaction? Adrenaline rush? What does that do? Reduces pain, gives a big surge of energy. After a beating the body cools down and seizes up and generally hurts a lot. Your body reacts to help you protect yourself in a fight, and that reaction continues after the immediate threat. You can feel a lot different after the fight than you did during it.

    I’ve watched the tape a bunch of times as well and you can’t even see most of it. You definitely see the SEIU member on the ground at the start and then someone throwing Gladney forcibly down on his back. (look to the right side of the shot and the slow motion section shows Gladney clearly being bounced.) I’m betting he smashed his head pretty good at that. Since you can’t see how it actually starts nor how much occurred to the point the camera starts on the action, you can’t actually say what happened through the whole event.

    As for the wheel chair, once you’ve hurt a joint or neck/back doctors will tell you to immobilize more than you might think is necessary. But the reason is to help reduce swelling and prevent aggravation of any injury. It might look like a play for sympathy to you, but it is likely a reasonable result of the incident.

  17. straightarrow Says:

    I had a femur smashed so badly by a bullet that amputation was considered. At the point of the injury I managed to defend myself, then drive my standard shift automobile to the hospital and get myself inside to the emergency desk.

    I was calm, collected and coherent. At first, I had trouble convincing them I had been shot. Finally I stepped back and said “look dammit!” Then they got so excited I thought they were going to hyperventilate and I had to calm them down.

    Just because someone can still operate, doesn’t mean he wasn’t hurt.

  18. straightarrow Says:

    I assure you, I wasn’t that mobile again for a long time. I had to threaten the surgeon to keep my leg.

  19. Guav Says:

    Nylarthotep—Yes, I’ve been in fights and I’ve been jumped, and what you say is absolutely correct—it’s entirely plausible that when he was pulled down he was hurt and didn’t even realize it at the time. I’ll give you that.

    That being said, the guy was not surrounded by seven people and punched and kicked and savagely beaten. He’s lying. In addition to the video we’ve seen that doesn’t show anything like that happening, the police have more than a dozen videos of the fight and “are not aware of any other alleged attackers or suspects, and are not seeking any one else in connection with the incident.”

    So yeah, in theory, Gladney could have injured his “knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face” by being pulled down—but if he wasn’t so completely dishonest to start with, I’d be more inclined to believe that he was actually injured and isn’t completely full of shit. But I don’t.

    Uncle—Apparently the other arrests were for destruction of property; interference & resisting arrest; disturbing the peace and a Post-Dispatch reporter was arrested for allegedly interfering.

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