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Twitter goes tweats up

No real point. Just wanted to use the headline. Seems they’re undergoing a DOS attack.

5 Responses to “Twitter goes tweats up”

  1. Crucis Says:

    “Real men don’t tweet. Only twits tweet.”

    Quote heard on my local conservative radio.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    Twitter is for twinkle-toes.

  3. Guav Says:

    Your commenters are questioning your manhood Uncle. Brandish your firearm.

  4. Rabbit Says:

    It’s probably just a bug in CARNIVORE. They were crawling around looking for ‘subversive right-wing propaganda’ on Twitter and Facebook and unhooked some of that truckload of tubes.

    Go back to sleep, Comrade. It’ll all be over soon.


  5. HerrBGone Says:

    “Itíll all be over soon.”

    They must have found my blog over on LJ. It’s down again. The claim on the “news” this AM was that Russia was pulling a DoS against someone from (former Soviet) Georgia. I’m wondering if the brown-shirts in WDC are tech savvy enough to spoof something like that in an effort to silence some of the descent against the so-called health care bill. They’re not much good at most other things these days. Or so it seems…