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Vote on guns in parks delayed


The decision of whether the city of Knoxville should opt out of the new “guns in parks” state law was postponed until Aug. 25 by City Council members Tuesday, albeit begrudgingly by some.

The postponement, unanimously approved, was proposed for the sake of waiting until all nine council members could be on-hand to discuss the hot-button issue.

And this is troubling:

Pelot said she’s still undecided — she was leaning toward the side of gun-rights advocates on the issue, until recently when the tone of many of their e-mail messages became more “alarming.”

“I haven gotten the most mean-spirited e-mails … from these so-called well-trained, law-abiding, permit-holding people,” Pelot said. “If they can e-mail me in those tones, how do I know they’re not just as dangerous (as criminals)?”

Well, words are just words and do not translate to being dangerous.

Via RedDog comments:

Are our supporters “shooting us in the foot”?

When you (and I’m not saying it’s you) correspond with your representatives, being hostile is usually not a good idea. Be friendly and matter of fact. Writing nasty letters isn’t the best approach.

5 Responses to “Vote on guns in parks delayed”

  1. Jim Says:

    Yes. But whats to say that these “so-called well-trained, law-abiding, permit-holding people” Are really Pro-Gun people? It wouldn’t be the first time people professed to be for something but intentionality did so in a way that made others want to avoid that thing.

  2. _Jon Says:

    @Jim: +1

    I was about to write that it could be others poisoning the well. For quite a long time we’ve commented that gun holders are more polite and responsible. And the others *aren’t*.

  3. countertop Says:

    I agree Jim, except that this issue is being CLOSELY tracked online and we all know how certain 3%s sometimes come across as slightly more than a bit deranged and crazy.

    Unfortunatly, I can easily believe there are some online commentators – who are so active as to create a false impression about their numbers – who could have innundated her with crazy 3% talk.

  4. AntiCitizenOne Says:

    I smell false flag operation…

    FOIA her emails, and grab the IPs of those individuals…if possible.

  5. joe Says:

    That was my first thought too – what makes her think that the senders are really pro-gun people?

    I suspect that if we read these e-mails we would find either A) there weren’t that many, and she is just looking for an excuse to vote against us, or B) the folks who wrote them made many, many mistakes that reveal their ignorance about firearms in general (safety on a revolver, etc.).

    I want her to publish all the e-mails, along with their details (servers, and all that what-not that I don’t know how to interpret).