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Range closed

In Colorado:

This single shooting death in 19 years led Forest Supervisor Bob Leaverton to close the range indefinitely on Tuesday. That will cause some recreational shooters to practice their sport in more dangerous locations.

4 Responses to “Range closed”

  1. David Says:

    This is so typical these days. One person does something reckless and everyone has to pay for it!

  2. Dave Says:

    The forest service has been trying to close the range down for years; this incident was enough to finally let them do it.

  3. Hypnagogue Says:

    I’ve shot at Rampart — it’s my local range. It’s a nightmare, and it gives credence to the anti-gun “it’ll be like Dodge City” line.

    Glad to see it gone, may it never reopen. Now maybe a decent private range will open in the area.

  4. Yevgeniy Says:

    I have been shooting at rampart range since 1995-96. yeah it was trashed but it was also the only free range in el paso county. also if one got there during workdays early on in the day it was very safe. the range was opened for 19 years averaging 40k pple per year which works out to 760k pple and one fatality out of 760k is good odds. the range has been cleaned up since the 90’s so to say good riddance that it closed bc of the actions of one stupid individual is wrong imho. i have been unemployed for 7 +mo, had enough ammo saved up so i could go there w.o having to get membership to private gun club.

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