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It counts

NRA to score votes on Sotomayor’s confirmation.

7 Responses to “It counts”

  1. Chas Says:

    I predict that Sotomayor will rule against the Second Amendment whenever she has the chance, and that she will use whatever rationalization she can to do so.

  2. JWilliams Says:

    This makes me happy. I actually wrote the NRA and suggested this (and I suspect that a lot of other members did too). Even if she gets confirmed, the NRA has earned their membership fees this year – IMHO.

  3. RAH Says:

    Good for the NRA. It is important to stand on principle even if you lose.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    They (or should I say we? Damn I’m keeping bad company, suppose I will need to rectify that once again) withheld this action too long. It should have been done earlier so it would be on the minds of the panel during the hearings. NRA knows this. Too little, too late.

  5. Mike Says:

    Not sure what good it would have done for NRA to have come out earlier and announce they were opposed. If anything, NRA’s waiting until she finished testifying to announce their opposition to her nomination probably made the Second Amendment more of an issue in those hearings.

    A confirmation hearing isn’t a vote, it’s a an opportunity for Senators to question the nominee. The vote by the Judiciary committee hasn’t even happened yet.

    The reality is Sotomayor is going to be confirmed with more than 65 votes. Every Dem is going to vote for her and and probably half a dozen or more Republicans, including Martinez, Snowe, Collins, Lugar, Graham. The Dems have 60 votes and she can be confirmed without a single Republican vote. In fact, she can be confirmed even if she loses the progun Democrats.

    This nomination/confirmation is a done deal and was decided last November. That doesn’t mean NRA shouldn’t oppose her or that gun owners shouldn’t oppose her, it just means folks need to be realistic about this.

  6. straightarrow Says:

    I would have died more than several times in my life if I had been realistic and went with the odds. Your reality may be much softer and more amenable to hiding than mine.

  7. Mike Says:

    Funny how guys like you always insult people you disagree with and talk a tough game when you know nothing about it.

    I don’t think NRA is hiding, I think they are being smart. They aren’t pursuing the reckless path of groups like GOA or individuals like you.
    GOA said that a vote for Sotomayor would cancel out everything good a Senator had done in their career. GOA is going to have to give nearly 70 Senators a failing grade. That should certainly help when they ask a Senator to vote for something in the future, that is if anyone actually listened to them, which they don’t.

    The reality is she is going to be confirmed, like it or not. Not a single Democrat is going to buck their president or the majority leader on this vote. The following Republicans have already announced they are supporting Sotomayor: Graham, Snowe, Collins, Martinez and Lugar. Martinez is retiring, Lugar is terrible, and the Maine girls have never been strong on the 2A. That gives her 65 votes, more than enough to easily be confirmed.

    Again, I’m not saying NRA shouldn’t oppose her or score the vote. I’m saying that there is a smart way and a stupid way to get things done in Washington. The reality is you can’t die on every hill, because there are a lot of battles to be fought going forward.

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