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ATF on Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act

A bit back, our legislature passed a symbolic bill exempting guns made in Tennessee from federal gun laws. The bill simply will never pass any serious challenge and was basically a snub. Via WizardPC, it looks as though ATF has responded saying federal law supercedes.

6 Responses to “ATF on Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act”

  1. CarlS Says:

    You’re correct, federal law does in fact supersede state law. It also supersedes a bureaucratic decision ( sometimes called regulatory enforcement ) by the ATF. The superseding law is embodied in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, and in the baisc principle of law which states that any (so-called) law not in compliance with the Constitution is no law, is null and void. Now which law shall we comply with, the one that is thinks it supersedes the Constitution, or …..

  2. J Richardson Says:

    I wonder if they issued a similar letter regarding Montana made guns. Or is Tennessee being singled out?

  3. Steve Says:

    Heh, that letter was a very long was of saying a big “F*ck you”.

  4. Fred Says:

    LOL! But the letter only applies to federally licensed dealers and manufacturers. ROFL!

  5. bv Says:

    State courts are superior to federal courts in each state. And state law supersedes federal law.

  6. bv Says:

    This is just another case of big government overstepping it’s boundaries.

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