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In England

A puppy playing with a round of ammo is considered a bomb scare.

7 Responses to “In England”

  1. Matt Groom Says:

    Calling Formerly Great Britain a nation of cowards is no longer a slight, but a cogent observation. It’s their breed now.

    China is full of Chinese people.
    Hungary is full of Hungarians.
    Turkey is full of Turks.
    England is full of Cowards.

  2. Corey Says:

    Incidents like this that help to chart the demise of the island where Great Britain used to be would be sufficient in number to justify their own blog.

    Someone’s probably already done it – is anyone aware of one?

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “Happily, the puppy suffered no ill effects. Mr Foster added: I don’t know how many lives dogs have, but she must have used up about three!

    Ummm how?

    The Brits have been disarmed so long they have no idea how ammo works it appears.

    I have a few of these sitting on my desk just as paperweights, I knock them over and drop them all the time. Not like I’m running any serious risk unless I decide to toss one on my grill….

  4. Tennessee Budd Says:

    They’d shit themselves at my place. My Small Auxiliary Cat’s favorite toy is a 7.62x39mm round. I think she likes how it rolls in an arc & returns.

  5. Mikee Says:

    At least they were terrified by a really BIG cartridge. Much better than closing down a street for a 22 short!

  6. Lyle Says:

    “…officers cordoned off the driveway to the farm…”

    Drama has a value all its own, I suppose. For one thing it makes it appear as though the police are doing something important. Or insane. One or the other.

    When will journalists begin to understand the difference between a “live round” (a cartridge) and a “bullet”? It seems there are none on the planet who know.

    Maybe the big concern was that the dog might have been exposed to lead– you know, that stuff we put in our mouths and bite, so it will hold to the fishing line. Lets call Haz Mat and have them cordon off the police station.

  7. Andrew Says:

    The Brits are done. Unless they start waking up like I think the populace here is starting to.

    Obummers numbers are going down, middle class is starting to realize the Hopey/Changey is gonna cost us a fortune while the elites rack up more cash at our expense. Don’t know aboout you, but I have a big problem with brown outs.

    2010 can’t come soon enough, but still may come too late. I pray for my Country daily.

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