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Ask the men on the front lines

In light of recent events indicating , some police officers are worried about the future:

Cops fear for their parents, wives, children or grandchildren more now than ever before. Most cops are encouraging their spouses and loved ones to get concealed carry permits. Not only that, but some of these same cops are buying gun mounts for their personal cars so they can carry an AR in the family ride at the ready all the time. They are also strapping on heavier forms of off-duty hardware. I have other friends that are issued ARs or subguns for tactical team use, who always have their gear with them and are planning on just commandeering these weapons for personal use in defending hearth and home.

Read the whole thing.

Clenched fist salute to Billy Beck.

3 Responses to “Ask the men on the front lines”

  1. Reed Says:

    Typical police behavior – subguns and F/A ARs are A-ok when they’re using them for self defense but us civilians just can’t be trusted with ’em.

  2. Nate Says:

    We can pay for them though. And if you DON’T pay your share, they will bring those same F/A AR’s to your house to take you to prison. It’s freedom folks, don’t question it.

  3. Tomcatshanger Says:

    5 years ago I had an FBI agent ask me why I thought I needed all of those rounds (or did she say bullets? I don’t remember) when I had two 10 rounds magazines with +2’s on them, one in the gun, one in a mag pouch.

    And now we have cops keeping machine guns (ATF speak) that I’m not allowed to own in their cars?

    I think I need to look back into a truck gun.

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