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Guns in restaurants that serve alcohol

One year ago, Georgia passed a law that legalized the wearing of arms by permit holders in places that sold alcoholic beverages. Prior to its passage, Georgians were subjected to the hysterical media editorial pages predicting blood in the streets and death and doom and gloom. And how they were all going to die because it would be like the wild west. But then the law passed and was in effect for a year. And an amazing thing happened. Nothing.

And, I imagine, one year from now in Tennessee that same nothing will happen.

2 Responses to “Guns in restaurants that serve alcohol”

  1. Michael Says:

    Nope,not a single incident since HB89 was passed a year ago. Heck,we even had one of the resturants,Taco Mac,who was against HB89, saved by a GFL holder. Talk about irony.

    The same will happen in Tennessee as well, zero incidents with CCW holders in resturants that serve booze. For they are lawful people,who obey the laws.

  2. Mikee Says:

    I will be slightly less absolute than Michael above and will predict very few incidents because permit holders obey the law almost always.

    It is sort of like the number of states allowing carry in places that serve alcohol – it is either 41 or 15. But the vast majority of states allow it in some form.

    Likewise, it might be 99.44% of permit holders who never cause problems, or it might be 99.9999%. Either way, the vast majority of permit holders will not cause any problems.

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