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Nanny state not helping

Where Great Britain used to be has the highest violent crime rate in Europe. Even more violent crime than the US. Unpossible, since we have all the guns.

6 Responses to “Nanny state not helping”

  1. Vote For David Says:

    Epic Fail. Man, if they would just ban dangerous weapons over there . . . oh, wait.

  2. Stormare Mackee Says:

    And should you be in danger of becoming a victim of violent crime in the U.K., you can be consoled by the fact that police officers are not allowed to carry firearms in Britain. As we all know, British criminals are deterred by a stern look and firm admonishment.

  3. ka Says:

    “As we all know, British criminals are deterred by a stern look and firm admonishment.”

    Lets hope so, because anything else will get you arrested by the police for interfering with the rights of the criminal.

  4. JadeGold Says:


    As we both know, crime is measured differently in every country. If we match up, say, gun murders with gun murders–we see the US is ‘ahead’ of the UK. IOW, you seem to believe crimes are recorded in the exact same way in each country.

    They’re not.

    I know you guys get excited about “knife crime” in the UK, but did you know that a “knife crime” in the UK is any crime that involves a knife, a pin, a syringe, a pen–in short, anything that can puncture. Additionally, an “affray” is categorized as violent crime in the UK–in the US, an “affray” is, at most, disorderly conduct.

    I suspect you know, as well, the Daily Mail is a tabloid that exists on publishing sensational stories that are quite short on facts. Perhaps, you aren’t particularly well-travelled and aren’t aware almost every Briton regards the Mail as kind of a joke.

    In the UK, there are two sets of crime figures: the Home Office’s British Crime Survey (BCS) and actual police recorded stats. Regardless of either one you choose, crime in the UK has dropped, in virtually every category, every year for the last 14 years.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    but Jade, I thought you told everybody I banned you?

  6. thirdpower Says:

    No No. It was Kevin that banned him from here.

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