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Lots of folks shoot sporting clays. Not many do it with a bow and arrow:

7 Responses to “Impressive”

  1. Madrocketscientist Says:

    Color me impressed

  2. Gun Blobber Says:

    Wow. That’s incredible. That guy must have eyes like a hawk.

  3. Robert Says:




  4. Lyle Says:

    Hey, that’s cool. A carbine or a nice rifle works too. (shameless self-promotion alert) We did it with an M1A also. We find that any decent shooter can start making hits on the first time out. A bow? Now I would think that one more difficult.

  5. emdfl Says:

    Henry Bowman is alive and well…

  6. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Made of success and win!

  7. tommy Says:

    Add one more to the list of people not to annoy unjustly.

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