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Mitchell Manufacturing Corp.’s Flush Fit 20 Rounders

Mitchell is making 20 round 9mm magazines for Berettas, Sigs, and XDs that fit flush with the weapon’s grip. Some sort of new spring design.

8 Responses to “Mitchell Manufacturing Corp.’s Flush Fit 20 Rounders”

  1. Tomcatshanger Says:

    $50 mags compare fairly well with stock Beretta magazine pricing, and the same goes for stock Sig magazine pricing. But $50 is not too attractive a price for XD owners, and it doesn’t compare well to the street price of various Beretta and Sig magazine prices.

    Maybe they’ll sell like hot cakes, I don’t know.

  2. Avtomat Says:

    The current XDm mag holds 19 and costs a little over $30. I’m not seeing how and extra $20 for an extra round in a more mechanically complex, unproven magazine is economical. Am I missing something? And it’s not quite “flush fit” either on the Beretta….

  3. Joe Allen Says:

    If you look at their brochure it’s apparent that the magazines aren’t flush fit, they use an extended tube:

    They are being disingenuous in their description:

    This new design holds 20 rounds in the same space as standard 15-round magazines, within the frame of the pistol!

    Sure, the 20 rounds are in the frame of the pistol – the follower and spring are hanging out below the grip.


  4. anon Says:

    Mec-Gar and MDS both make 20rd Mags for the 92. They stick out less than 1/2″ and don’t cost $50.

  5. Matt Groom Says:

    This is a new version of a magazine made by Ramline before the AWB that held 18 rounds. Ramline was essentially killed by the AWB, since their main products involved making magazines more efficient, more economical, and more versatile. I’m glad someone is making these again, but $50 is a bit steep.

  6. Joe Says:

    Ramline did indeed make a virtually identical design. I tried them and found them extremely fragile and short lived. Use a wind-up type spring like in manual alarm clocks.

  7. Rivrdog Says:

    Look at other pistols. Chip McCormick improved the 1911 magazine by around without lengthening it, there is a new Glock 18-rounder out for the Mdl 17 (no boot), even Kel-Tec had an 11-rounder designed for the PF-11.

    Nothing to see here. Ordinary evolution. Move along please.

  8. Mike Says:

    I had a chance to test a prototype of the Beretta mag. It uses a coil spring rivited to the top of the mag body and the follower. The hollow base plate contains the follower when the mag is fully loaded. I fired 200 rounds through 2 different Berettas without a problem. It seemed to be well made.

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