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Why we win

It’s something I’ve discussed before. In recent years, both houses of congress, justice department, SCOTUS, etc. affirmed the second amendment. More states have concealed carry than don’t. AWB not renewed. And quite a few other pro-gun victories. People seem more friendly to gun owners. And people who have never shot before want to go shooting. Issuance of handgun carry permits is at a record high.

I’ve often attributed it to grassroots activists who, with Al Gore’s internets, seem to have gained a knack for working together. But I’ve also realized something else is having an influence. Cable/satellite TeeVee. In a recent episode of Mythbusters (posted earlier about some safety concerns), Jamie was pulling out a .50 caliber and made a comment about how if you were a gun enthusiast, the 50 caliber was awesome. Then, the show Timewarp did an episode on automatic weapons.

All kinds of educational programs on cable TeeVee deal with weapons and guns. Mail Call, Timewarp, Mythbusters, Tales of the Gun, and there are even hour long shows devoted to the history of a particular gun. People didn’t have this stuff piped into their homes 30 years ago. Now, they do. People became acclimated to guns instead of afraid of them. And people see them and realize what gun nuts knew all along: guns are fucking cool. And when handled appropriately, they’re safe.

9 Responses to “Why we win”

  1. Pete Says:

    I think its the trend that the more familiar you become with guns and how they function, the less likely that you are to be convinced that guns are evil.

  2. ExUrbanKevin Says:

    Y’know, there’s a lot to that theory. The gun-handling on Mythbusters is always been safe (up until that “Bending Bullets” episode, that is), with proper range commands and a cop and/or recognized expert close at hand.

    And many of the guns tested seem to come from Jamie’s personal arsenal as well. I wonder if he’s not a closet gun nut.

    They don’t call ’em hoplophobes for nuthin’, and the way to get rid of irrational fear is thru knowledge and education and removing the myths around what guns can and cannot do.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    ‘I wonder if he’s not a closet gun nut. ‘

    I’d guess they both are. Adam has worn a pro-gun shirt on the show.

  4. ATLien Says:

    They’re a great combo of loud and fire/explosion. That alone makes guns awesome.

  5. Jake Says:

    They’re a great combo of loud and fire/explosion. That alone makes guns Mythbusters material.

    The cement mixer is still my favorite episode. BOOM!

  6. Ron W Says:

    People are beginning to realize: Only free people have guns and only free people can CHOOSE the basic human right to defend themselves and their property.

    People are beginning to realize: That only criminals and tyrants need fear guns in the hands of free people and only your enemy wants you disarmed.

    That’s the way it’s always been down through human history.

  7. Linoge Says:

    When properly used, guns are fun. When properly used, guns are safe. And no matter how you use them, guns do not cause crime.

    Once people realize those simple facts, the anti-rights arguments pretty much disappear into oblivion.

  8. Lyle Says:

    You’re right, Uncle. Several years ago, I spoke with a salesperson at the History Channel marketing dept. They told me that their “Tales of the Gun” (recording) was their most popular item at the time.

    People are hungry for good information in general (we get so little of it in the media) and they’re curious about guns in particular.

    Jessie James of chopper building and “Monster Garage” fame has brought out a Dillon Minigun on at least one episode also, and people ate it up.

    Sponsors of good programming need to keep that in mind.

  9. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    I’d like to see Mythbusters bust that myth about 50cals being able to take down a jumbojet. Let ’em use a 50cal matchlock, anti’s say a 50cal is a 50cal.

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