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Thompson submachine gun among 1,700 weapons collected in gun buyback

That’s the headline. Except that the gun in the pic is actually a Streetsweeper.

5 Responses to “Thompson submachine gun among 1,700 weapons collected in gun buyback”

  1. Overload in CO Says:

    The drum magazine must have thrown them off. I’ve wanted to stand outside a buyback and buy interesting guns for twice what they’re offering inside. I’d pay $200 for a street sweeper.

  2. tommy Says:

    a 12 ga. Tommy gun? Still 600 rounds per minute? Cause, you know, that would hurt (and rock)

  3. Chris Says:

    I’d bet my next paycheck that neither of those two in the photo know how to unload it.

  4. Texas Calling Says:

    The comments aren’t working over there so I’ll post what I wanted to say here instead.

    “Only a liberal maroon could mistake a 1980s 12ga. semi-auto “street sweeper” shotgun for a 1920s .45 cal full-auto Thompson. Oh nos it’s got a drum magazine IT MUST BE A MACHINE-GUN!!!

    Did you even look at the picture at the link you supplied??

    Jason, if that’s the best you can do for weapons identification you need to be writing about Junior League cotillions not crime.”

  5. Wolfwood Says:

    I like how there’s a form for comments there, yet none appear.

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