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the test

Phelps is correct: Obama has a pop quiz. And there are reports that the security forces in Iran have opened fire on protesters. Also, the little tyrant in North Korea is waving is nuclear arms in the air.

Will there be hope or change?

8 Responses to “the test”

  1. Drake Says:

    But, but…did these nations not get the memo? Obama wants a world without nuclear weapons, he made a nifty speech about it.

  2. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:


    People will talk about how great it is that each nation is expressing their own rights…..or some such s***…

  3. Bitter Says:

    I hate having to concede that Joe Biden was right. We’re less than 6 months in, and there are lots of fires popping up on many fronts.

  4. drstrangegun Says:

    There will be blood.

  5. Mikee Says:

    Oh! Ye of little faith….

    Our President Obama has the best of intentions. It is not his fault if the despots of the world cannot perceive his glory, and refuse to act accordingly. In fact, I am sure he will express deep feelings of regret when something bad happens to the US. We will all feel sorry with him, that such a bad thing happened. But we will know it is not his fault!

    Get with the program!

  6. Ron W Says:

    The crisis, like the one that Joe Biden predicted, are at least used to consolidate more power in their hands and take more rights from us. Just like after 9-11, we got the Patriot Act, Homeland Security (things Clinton wanted but couldn’t get) and unconstitutional wars while our borders were left open. Now they’re saying the violence spilling over that border is the fault of gunowners and our right of armed self-defense should be restricted or denied.

    Problem, reaction, solution—that’s how they work it.

  7. Linoge Says:

    Change. But it will not be Obama who will be changing…

  8. Rabbit Says:

    You misspelled that.

    Pogrom, not program.