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where defense is outlawed

In England, a group of thugs threaten some golfers with planks of wood. The thugs want to steal the golf clubs. One problem with their plan is that a seven iron will do a number on a skull. Sounds like all ended happily, right? Wrong. This being England and all, guess who was arrested?

5 Responses to “where defense is outlawed”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    When will this awful scourge of violence from “youths” end? If little Archibald, FitzHugh, Gilbert, and Mortimer had been in school where they ought to be, none of this would have happened.

  2. Nate Says:

    When will the Vagification of England end? My sister-in-law lives there and my wife keeps trying to get me to visit there. I continue to refuse, and for reasoning all I need to do is show her stuff like this.

  3. Lergnom Says:

    Maybe the ones we hear about are the incidents in which the defenders don’t adhere to the three-S policy.
    “I say, Rupert, why are the greens near the water hazard so lush these days?”
    “Fertilised with yob, old boy, fertilised with yob.”

  4. the gripping hand Says:

    While I share the concerns over the pussification of Old Blighty, its not clear from the article that the adults arrested were the golfers. Towards the end of the article, it says that “At one stage a large group of people, thought to be relatives of the youths, arrived at the golf course and joined in the altercation.” Its possible that the other arrests were the “relatives of the youths” mentioned.

  5. JJR Says:

    Not clear?

    How is this not clear? the headline:

    “Golfers arrested after fighting off gang attempting to steal clubs

    A group of golfers have been arrested on assault charges after allegedly fighting off a gang who attempted to steal their clubs.”

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