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Aren’t you about to turn them loose with weapons?

No ceremonial weapons at the Naval Academy graduation?

7 Responses to “Aren’t you about to turn them loose with weapons?”

  1. JJR Says:

    Interesting update in the comments section:

    Evidently not a new policy but a (stupid) response to 9/11, therefore a Bush-era policy.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    The Navy doesn’t have much of a gun culture. After spending years at Ft Campbell and Ft Bliss, imagine my surprise when I went to register my firearms on base in Millington (and to find their range), only to find out they don’t allow firearms on base at all. They don’t have a functional range, either.

  3. FTNuke Says:


    The whole reason I got into the shooting sports at all was because I was irritated that the Navy hadn’t taught me anything about weapons and I was tired of having to do pistol quals without even a single practice round fired. They basically just hand you the M9 and say “now qualify”. I would just barely pass, but I knew I could do much better with just a little practice, and I was right.

  4. mariner Says:

    If the Navy does firearms qualification in boot camp, it’s the only firearms training the great majority of Navy personnel ever get.

    If it doesn’t, they don’t even get that much.

  5. FTNuke Says:

    When I was in boot camp (summer 2000) we used the Small Arms Marksmanship Trainer, which was a fake M-16 that “shot” a light beam at a special target, basically a less sophisticated version of Duck Hunt. I honestly think I got better training playing Silent Scope in the arcade on base during parent’s weekend than I did in that joke of a range. I understand that now they actually get to shoot a few rounds, but not enough to actually count as a qualification.

  6. straightarrow Says:

    I don’t know what to say. I always was a little suspect of the Navy. I mean, who in Hell would want to spend six or more months on ship in close quarters with nothing but men?

    Ok, ok, just teasing. Just couldn’t help it.

  7. vowel_movement Says:

    If you want to join the Navy and fire an individual weapon such as a pistol or a rifle then become a Marine or a Seal. They both are Naval units but they don’t chip have to chip paint. They only chip paint if they miss.

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